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Worry not, the only information that will be published are

  • SAP Job Title
  • Base Rate
  • Work Preferences
  • Availability Date
  • Mode of Work
  • SAP Experience (in years)
  • Summary
  • Skill Set, and
  • Past Experience

All business and professional thingy, nothing personal, don’t worry.

Everybody who visits the site can view your profile should their search points to you; be it The Empire, The Republic, or The Rebels, you name it.

When you register with us, we will be looking at your profile and try our best to elevate it. Once it has been done, it will be published immediately.

You can always change your information by going to ‘Consultants’ page, and then sign in. there will be ‘My Profile’ tab. You can maintain your profile there.

Unfortunately ,no. But we always welcome you to join independent consulting though, it’s more rewarding.

Summary section is non-editable by users. However, if you wish to change the description,

  1. You may provide your version and email to or via our contact form.
  2. At the subject of the email/form, please write ‘Summary Change’ followed by your ID.
    E.g: Summary Change US_99

Of course not! You are not a bread are you?    

It depends on the hiring manager of the client. But worry not, we will do our best to expedite your onboarding process

Other than resourcing, we also provide

  • Co-working Space
  • Medical Concierge
  • Training, and;
  • Consultation

Pricing Related (consultant)

Base Rate (BR) is your expected daily rate + relevant fees. For an example on the calculation, you can see point number 3 below. If you wish to do the math yourself, you can always use our calculator here.

For consultants:

  1. Administration fee (mandatory) and;
  2. Payroll Hosting fee (optional)


Base Rate (BR): RM 1000.00
FeesAdministration fee3%
Payroll Hosting fee2%
 Consultant Pay Rate [BR – 5%(BR)]MYR 1000.00 – MYR 50.00
= MYR 950.00

YES. Whilst Administration fee remains compulsory, the payroll hosting fee is not. However, we strongly recommend that you take the default package which includes the payroll hosting fee to get fast payment. Opting otherwise will result in longer payment term period.

Based on contract duration, BR may be revised accordingly (henceforth will be known as revised BR). 

  • For contract duration under 6 months, you will be given extra 5% from your BR.
  • For contract duration of 6 – 11 months, no changes will be made to your BR.
  • For contract duration of 12 months or more, 3% of discount will be waived from your BR.


Through us! Don’t worry, we want the process to be fast too so you can be sure that we will do our best to ease your way.

We will help you set the interview session based on your convenience. Other than that, it’s all yours.

Sure you can. Just ask for the candidates that you are interested in and we will expedite the process for you.

Aww snap, no we don’t, sorry. But if you are looking for competitive prices to get the right consultants, we might be, THE CHOSEN ONE.

Simply go to the ‘Clients’ page, and fill in the form.

We will contact you to know more about the job’s requirement and make sure that it is legit. Then, the job will be published on our website, public to everybody in the galaxy even far far away…

Posting on us is absolutely free! Yes, no hidden charges whatsoever (stop probing, hey)

Pricing Related (client)

Base Rate (BR) is the consultants’ expected daily rate + our fees to them. BR is not inclusive of the fees imposed by us to you. If you want to play around with the BR and calculate your budget, you can click on a consultant’s profile and use our calculator there. 

For clients:

  1. Administration fee (mandatory)
  2. Professional fee and;
  3. Payroll Hosting fee (0% for 30-day payment term)


Base Rate (BR): RM 1000.00
FeesAdministration fee7%
Professional fee5%
 Payroll hosting fee (30 days)0%
 Paying Rate [BR + 12%(BR)]MYR 1000.00 + MYR 120.00
= MYR 1120.00

YES. Professional fee is dispensable, but ONLY in two cases:

  1. In cases where we do not handle nor participated in the talent acquisition and hiring process.
  2. After 12 consecutive months of continued contract between a consultant and a client. The professional fee will be waived in the contract extension.

Based on the contract duration, the BR will be revised accordingly (henceforth will be known as revised BR).

  • For contract duration under 6 months, there is a surcharge of 5%.
  • For contract duration of 6 – 11 months, no changes will be made to the BR.
  • For contract duration of 12 months or more, 3% of discount will be given to you.

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