The Do’s And Don’ts of Being SAP Freelancers

The Do’s And Don’ts of Being SAP Freelancers

Over the years, we’ve been hiring independent SAP consultants both for our company and for our clients. We’ve faced so many shenanigans all these while and after doing it over and over again, we began to see a pattern in how successful consultants win their business.

Look, we’re not claiming that we’re an expert on this topic, but we might have some tips that we can offer you:

  • DO sound like you’re enthusiastic to have the chance to work with your potential clients. It’s like a reciprocal love kind of thing, you get it.

  • DON’T think you’re some kind of a big man and are doing your client a huge favour by taking up the job no matter how good you are. Nobody likes a schmuck.

  • DO ensure your Linkedin profile is updated and all relevant info is included.

  • DON’T ‘threaten’ the prospect clients by saying you have other options as well. This field is very niche people, you never know what that might get you.

  • DO ask clients their budget. It’ll help you set your rate.

  • DON’T be too rigid in your pricing just because you are you. Be flexible.

  • DO ask for a specific job description. This will help you arrange your work and manage the client’s expectations.

  • DON’T be too choosy. Sometimes you just have to pick up a job and make peace with it.

  • DO keep in touch with recruiters and agents. They’ll be your lifeline, trust us.

  • DON’T sever your relationship with recruiters. It might be the end for you.

  • DO go for a face to face meeting whenever possible. Despite the power of teleconferencing, a good old vis a vis meetup always wins.

  • DON’T tell the client you’re too busy to update them. To them, that’s just being lazy and inefficient. You’re paid by the hour, you work by the hour.

  • DO communicate with them effectively and constantly when needed. It’s the key to a successful project.

  • DON’T be an island who refuses to get together and know other consultants as well. You’d be surprised how just a mere connection can change your life.

  • DO keep a good relationship with your past clients. The ultimate feedback you can get is a repeat client.

  • DON’T end your engagement sourly. We had this one consultant that was rejected by everybody, just because he/she ended an engagement on a bad term previously.

  • DO equip yourself with proper tools to do your job. That’s the nature of freelancers; your tools are a part of the package.

  • DON’T ask for a ridiculous upfront payment from your clients. Most of them have a proper payment life cycle and the last thing they need is you messing it up.

  • DO go the extra mile when you feel it may improve your relationship with the client.

  • DON’T think that you’re just another employee. You are there to solve a particular problem, deliver it and move on.

  • DO ask around if you need any documentation or information. Being shy is not an option for you.

  • DON’T involve yourself in office politics. That’ll hurt your chances afterwards.

  • DO follow the office’s rules and regulations if you’re required to be on site.

  • DON’T be a slob. You might think it doesn’t matter, but it does.

Well, that’s all that we can think of at this moment. Do you have some advice too? Let us know in the comment section!


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