Still Failing Interviews?

Still Failing Interviews?

We have interviewed quite a number of people here at Aplikasi and well… most of them, let’s just say, they didn’t give us that umphhh feeling after we’re done. And our bar is lower than the clients’, so where does that leave them? You know where. 

So, we came out with 5 things you can do to instantly ace your IV! Of course, you can’t do all of these in just a day. Practice and practice, and you’ll get it, no doubt.

  1. Walk, stand and sit up straight

Yes, it’s important to keep your body straight, exposing your vulnerable area. This is btw animals’ basic sociological language. If you are not afraid of exposing your most vulnerable part, you are either trustworthy, or deserving of respect. And not to mention it’ll help you feel more confident too. We can ‘smell’ when you are or not (ewww).

2. Don’t Play With Yourself Too Much

That…sounded wrong.. well what we’re trying to say is, people can read your body language. They’ll know when you are lying, when you are sincere, when you are nervous or when you are confident. Try not to fidget too much, looking down or up, playing with your hair (or tudung), your nose, your fingers, your chin, your spectacles (god that’s annoying btw) and etc. Train yourself to use meaningful gestures; they’ll help you the most to be honest.

3. Think thoroughly before you answer

Sometimes the interviewers love to ask difficult questions to the candidates just to test their communication skills. But there’s another thing that they are assessing when they do; your critical thinking skill. Taking up a few seconds to get your thoughts in line is absolutely fine. Chances are, your answer will be more matured and even if you get it wrong, at least you have given it a thought. If you are SAP consultants, you might want to know what the clients are looking for in a candidate here.

4. Always ask questions

But not dumb ones, because those will just make you look, well, dumb. Do not ask the things which have been clearly written in the job posting. Sometimes, asking for the salary and the exact employees’ benefits is also not advisable because the person who is interviewing you may not come from the HR department. And even so, who has all those info on top of their heads? Come on… Ask good questions like,

“in a year, how would you know the person you’ve hired is a good decision?”,

or something. Things that show the interviewer that you are the right fit for the position and for the company.

5. Be Original

Google “how to answer common interview questions” right now and you’ll be presented with literally thousands of sites offering you advices and templates. But they’re just that, templates. When you memorize something, the interviewer will know it. They can sense it in your presentation; don’t ask us how, that’s one of their many skills. What they want is authenticity, to know the real you. No, you don’t have to pretend like you’re someone else, just be yourself, but be the best version of yourself.

And tadaaaa..!!!

In just 5 simple (easier said than done, we know) things, you can be sure you’ll ace your interviews! Of course, no pain, no gain. No peak can be reached without climbing to it first. If you ask us how exactly to do all these things, we’ll definitely tell you. But that may be stretched to a half a day session though. But, if you really want to, just let us know in the survey form here!



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