Championing Local SAP Consultants With Global Expertise

Here at us, we strongly believe that our own local talents are world-class and fall nothing short of our fellow foreign consultants. We have worked with some of the most internationally recognised SAP consultants, whose projects spanned as far as the USA, Europe, all over Asia, you name it.

The aspiration of ‘us’ never change. We are expanding throughout the region but our business model remains first and foremost, by locals, for locals.

By SAP Consultants, For SAP Consultants

A Believer, a Disruptor, a Game Changer

The journey we have traversed so far is almost unavailable. To be at the centre of an evolution is not an easy feat, that we can assure you. But here we are, standing firm and robust.

We come to work everyday thinking, “How can we make it easier for everybody?” and that has been our aspiration since day one, propelling us forward until today. We believe that great collaborations can only be seamless when there is a mutual trust. We have it between ourselves, and we want to share our core values with everybody.

We want to be truly different from other players out there, and what better way to do it than upsetting the whole balance of the game? This is the next big thing, the way of doing SAP consultancy of tomorrow, this is, the new future.

Are you our next prized talents? Or are you looking for one? Well come to us all the same, we have what you need, when you need it.


To be the hub for SAP clients and consultants to collaborate with each other and opening doors to limitless opportunities.

Expanding the Horizon


We would like to think ourselves as a disruptor in the market, rippling through the depth of the industry and giving it a fresh look. In alignment with Industrial Revolution 4.0, we are aspired to become the spearhead of ‘the next big thing’ in SAP consulting, incorporating the latest technology and innovation to ensure everything that we do here runs seamlessly. 

Our team consists of a bunch of adept misfits who despite excessive playfulness, deliver with acute precision. Everyday is a new journey for us in getting you the best you can get out there. We want to change this boring environment and bring some lights into it. So, don’t be alarmed if we sounded a little bit eccentric, because we just are. 



Service 101 plus Consulting Inc. (SPCI) is a Philippine-based Information Technology software and services company founded by passionate, experienced, and expert Information Technology professionals.  SPCI is in the business of deploying web/mobile solutions, implementing enterprise resource planning systems, delivering technical support thru outsourcing engagement, and providing technology governance consulting.  Backed by a combined 75+ years of work experience with various multinational and local companies engaged in Retailing, Consumer Services, Transportation, and Health Care Equipment and Services.

Commitment Beyond Service – We view ourselves not just as consultants but as active participants to your business success.  We are Service 101.  We deliver results.


Our Founder

Azlan Fazly Mustaza

Meet Azlan, our beloved founder and friend. With more than 10 years of experience as an SAP consultant himself, he is no stranger to this playing field. Azlan is visionary, so much so that we have to bring him back to the stratosphere whenever he flew too high. But that what makes us so motivated to work everyday. He pushes us (in a good way) forward and keeps us afloat.

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