Welcome to The First Online Platform For SAP Resourcing!

Hi there, nice to meet you! For our loyal supporters and superstars, glad to see you again! Okay, this might not be the normal looks you’ve seen all this while but hey, we can explain, really.

Before that, for those who came here looking for some info on us, we’ll have you know that we will not disappoint you. So, here’s a little story about ourselves.

We would like to think ourselves as a tech startup involved in the SAP resourcing field. Some say we are just a typical resourcing agency, selling warm bodies and all, and they’re right, though not entirely. We are not typical, and we’re not just selling. We’re trying to solve problems faced by both SAP clients and consultants here and this is what this is all about!

To give you even better solutions, we have decided to upgrade our platform! For you dear SAP superstars, you can go ahead and look at job openings and submit your client-approved timesheet through the pages above.

If you want more info, you’re welcome to visit our Linkedin page here.

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