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Joining Us is fairly simple as 1 2 3. We will scrutinize your profile and highlight your core strength and competencies so we can find the job that matches you best.


You are our prized talents. Once your profile has been approved and polished, we will publish it for reputable companies out there to choose from.

Get Noticed

When you are chosen, we will immediately notify you so you won’t miss the opportunity. We will take care of everything from here on now, just to make it all easy for you.

Our Services

Payroll Hosting

We buffer the consultants’ risk from painstaking billing process. Let us deal with the clients’ procurement and finance department and we assure you, that you will get paid on time.

Co-Working Space

Work comfortably here with us, where we have all the things you need, specially for SAP consultants. Don’t miss out the chance to build connections with your fellow peers!


We are consultants ourselves and we know the way around the business. When we are needed to assemble a team of consultants from different expertise, you can expect us to deliver.

Freelancing is already hard as it is but what is worse is when we don’t get paid on time. Joining us was one of the best decisions I have made in my freelancing career. They buffer the risks for me and I always get paid on time. Definitely the one place I will go for future jobs.

Raziq Omar
SAP Consultant, Laman 7

Advertise Jobs

We advertise your job openings to those who have the expertise in the fields you need.

Profile Search

Look for the skill sets you need in your consultants here. We have hundreds of consultants to choose from.


The process is fairly simple and fast. Once you have found your consultant, we can deploy them without hassle.

Our Services


Tired of getting irrelevant candidates for your job postings? Then come to us, we know what you need, when you need it.


We are experienced consultants ourselves so rest assured of our adeptness in delivering your consulting needs. Expertise includes SAP ABAP, Basis, Integration and all functional Core Modules.


We know that training can cause quite a dent on your budget. So we offer you customizable training modules according to your needs so you can save more time and money.

If you want fast and quality service, us is definitely the one place you can go to get great SAP consultants. The process is simple and I get my consultants when I need them.

Raziq Omar
SAP Client, Laman 7

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